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Welcome to Data Coach Program

Our unique solution elevates you from this current state challenges to become a data fluent organization through a three-tiered applied hands-on workshop tailored to fit your needs.

Give your workforce the Data Coach Advantage

Data Coach Program ™ by Volantsys is a unique program that builds a data-fluent culture within your organization. We accelerate your digital business journey by instilling data analysis and data science skills, implementing an analytics solution for your business need and giving you a playbook to maintain and validate analytic models.

What is the Data Coach Program?

This is a program designed specifically for organizations to coach their full time working professionals across cross functional teams to develop data literacy by performing hands-on activities while receiving best practices and mentoring every step of the way.

We offer a Working Analytics Solution to address your business need with three core coaching options that converts your organization into a Data Science Powerhouse to propel your digital journey.

Three Core Program Offerings

Data Literacy Program

Ideal for:
Business leaders, technology managers and Program Managers.
Understand how and why advanced analytics is applied in your industry. Learn data terminologies, analytics best practices including data quality and ethics assessment, overview of implementation methodology and skills needed.
Improves overall data literacy, builds an effective cross functional team with data culture. Attain increased successes and improved returns from investment in data & analytics.

Data Stewardship

Ideal for
Business analysts and Data Analysts.
Learn techniques to understand, explore data using statistical and visualization methods to define business problems effectively to develop data science models. Utilize your data and learn on the job as you develop working analytics solution. Receive coaching every step of the way with checklists, programs (Python/R), ways to interpret data exploration results, evaluate model performance and features.
Define business problems clearly for advanced analytics solution development, Inspect and prepare data with quality for data science models. Take accountability and ownership for model outcomes.

Data Science

Ideal for
Technologists, Data Engineers, Data Analysts
Learn basics of applied ML programming, ML methodology, Data Exploration, Visualization, quality inspection, scaling data, develop feature engineering and various types of models to solve your business needs. Scenario based applied learning, hands-on assessments, best practices to document data transformations and quality measures. Assess data science model performance and document outcomes in business terms.
UpSkills Data Engineers and Analysts to Data Science Developers Understand what type of analytics model to develop based on business problem. Effectively use automated ML development tools to develop right solutions.

The Data Coach™ Program –Making You Truly DigiTALL

The Data Coach Program and Consulting Services

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Attend engaging, hands-on, interactive workshops delivered by industry’s leading coaches, to propel your digital journey by developing advanced analytics solution while building data literacy.

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Convert your organization to a Data Science Powerhouse using our expert consulting services backed by knowledge, expertise and industry case studies from Fortune 50 companies.

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